The Rush Competitive division is for the player who is ready to take their development in this sport to the next level. Led by a highly experienced, professional Rush coaching staff, your player will experience an increased volume of soccer in a focused, goal-oriented, competitive environment. Our competitive teams train regularly to further develop their technical skills and tactical understanding of the Rush style of play.

When can I join?

Any player who is interested in joining California Rush can do so at anytime. No need to wait until tryouts. Players are invited to train with a Rush team in their respective age group to determine the best developmental placement for them. Please contact us and we will connect you with the appropriate Coach to help begin this process.

Contact: Jesus Perez
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 951-453-4197


Player Evaluation

Every year soccer clubs conduct their annual tryouts to place players on a team based on their abilities. Those tryouts take hundreds of man hours to look at hundreds, possibly thousands of players in a short period of time. While a majority of the players receive a phone call and are placed appropriately, many fall through the cracks, some cannot attend these tryouts, and many are too nervous to show their true ability.

When we look at the athletes, we measure their technical and tactical abilities along with their physical and psychological attributes. A tryout period does not allow us to fully rate players accurately. For these reasons, players will be observed throughout the entire year by their team Head Coach and Director of Coaching at training sessions and games. They will then be consequently placed more accurately within the Rush system. Evaluations will be based on the previously mentioned components in addition to attendance, attitude, team chemistry, and consistency, to name a few.

Tryout Information

The Head Coach will select his/her team with the assistance of the Directors of Coaching of CA Rush. Due to the evaluation process, tryouts are not required for currently registered Competitive Rush players. However, if a current Rush Competitive player wishes to move to another team, they are encouraged to attend other teams’ trainings as tryouts, after they have communicated with their current coach.

SoCal Soccer League Transfer Policy

  • Goes into effect on July 1st
  • ANY PLAYER can leave a club prior to this date without approval. Regardless of whether or not they have signed a player agreement or contract with a club. They are not tied to any team until July 1st. All players are ‘free-agents’ until then.
  • Any player, that is REGISTERED in the system, is tied to your club, and cannot transfer to another club UNLESS they have paid the outgoing club in full for all club dues.
  • The DOC (of the incoming CLUB) reaches out, via email or phone, to the DOC of the outgoing club to discuss the player and get approval from the outgoing DOC. This is NOT to be done between coaches or parents and coaches and not between Registrars. The policy requires communication between DOC’s.

Player Movement

During any other time of the year, a Rush player may be asked to transfer or may request a transfer to another Rush team. The Rush will transfer this player, only in certain circumstances such as injuries, player/coach conflicts, consideration to the implications of the entire age group, ability level, etc. Head Coaches must communicate to their respective DOC to approve any player movement within the club. This process will always be done with the player in mind first and what is best for their development.


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